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Annual Class Schedule

For a course to count towards the African Studies Minor or Graduate Certificate, 50% of the student’s grade must be based on work (papers, projects, etc.) with African content. The Program of African Studies may require you to submit this work. Students pursuing a major are required to meet annually with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to create course schedules and monitor progress. Check CAESAR for availability and room information.

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
AFST 390-0-20Biocultural Perspectives on Water Insecurity (sec. 20, also GBL_HLTH 390-0-22, ANTHRO 390-0-28, ANTHRO 490-0-25)Young
AFST 390-0-21Constitutional Challenges in Comparative Perspective (sec. 21, also LEGAL_ST 356, POLI_SCI 356)Benarieh Ruffer
AFST 390-0-22Contemporary African Worlds (sec. 22, also ANTHRO 255-0-20)Benton
AFST 483-0-20African Studies SeminarDenna
SWAHILI 111-1-20Swahili IMwangi
SWAHILI 111-1-21Swahili IMwangi
SWAHILI 111-2-20Swahili IMwangi
SWAHILI 111-2-21Swahili IMwangi
SWAHILI 111-3-20Swahili IMwangi
SWAHILI 111-3-21Swahili IMwangi
SWAHILI 121-1-20Swahili IIMwangi
SWAHILI 121-2-20Swahili IIMwangi
SWAHILI 121-3-20Swahili IIMwangi
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