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Guyer Virmani Fellowship

Introduced in 2004, the Guyer-Virmani Award is a one-time award for graduate students to travel to archives and conferences. This award is named after Jane Guyer and Akbar Virmani to honor their many years of dedicated support of graduate students' intellectual development at PAS.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and recipients will be selected by the PAS Executive Committee, the governing body of the Program of African Studies. Recipients must provide a one-page, single-spaced report within two months of their return to campus. The report should detail the ways in which the award was important to the scholarly development of the recipient and/or the development of the recipients research project.

Eligible Applicants

The award is available to Africanist graduate students in their third year or above, especially those students who have completed their pre-dissertation research.

Application Instructions

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications must include the following for successful submission:

  1. All applications should be submitted as a PDF with an application cover sheet;
  2. page with estimated dates of travel, references names, and a brief paragraph on the applicant's recent contributions to the greater PAS community;
  3. detailed budget;
  4. one letter of reference from a faculty member;
  5. one-page, single-spaced essay on the way the funds will be used and the importance of this research to the applicants greater scholarly development or the development of a specific research project.

Please submit all application materials as soon as possible, and at least one month prior to estimated travel dates. Funding will normally be in the range of $200-$400.

For any questions, please contact Program of African Studies at or 847-491-7323.

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