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Faculty Funding

PAS offers the following funding to support faculty and scholars:

Faculty Research Grant

The purpose of these awards is to encourage, develop, and support faculty externally-sponsored research and creative endeavors. These funds should be used toward the development of a project for which external funding will be sought through the Program of African Studies. These awards are intended to supplement and strengthen the support that comes from both department and college resources and other university programs. All full-time faculty are eligible to apply. Applications from junior faculty (i.e., pre-tenure) will be given preference. Only one proposal per faculty member may be considered during each academic year. The maximum value of the award is $4,000 with a duration of no more than one year and with all unexpended funds reverting back to the general internal funding pool at the end of the award period. An award carries with it the responsibility to disseminate the results of any funded internal project either through publication in refereed outlets or in a medium appropriate to the endeavor. 

Funds can be used for research and scholarly efforts, instructional impact projects, or other worthwhile professional development activities. Funding can be used for salaries and benefits of students, technicians, and other non-faculty project personnel. Other permitted expenses include supplies, equipment, and miscellaneous expenses such as project-related photocopying and postage. Funds cannot be used for faculty salaries (summer or academic year); travel that is not directly related to project research; or consultants, office equipment, and computers. If awarded, faculty will be required to work with PAS staff to identify external funding sources, plan applications, and work with PAS and the Office of Research to submit proposals.

Deadline: May 15. Application instructions: Please provide a two-page description of the purpose of the project, the plans for the period of work, potential sources of external funding, and a budget including other sources of funding. If the budget is higher than $4,000, please indicate where additional funds are being sought. Please email applications to

John Hunwick Research Fund

President Henry Bienen and Provost Larry Dumas established this award in 2007 to honor the work of Professor Emeritus John Hunwick (History and Religion Departments). This endowment supports research by Northwestern University faculty and graduate students on Islam in Africa. John Hunwick's research and scholarship made significant contributions toward the scholarly understanding of Muslim societies in West Africa, particularly in the area of West African Islamic scholarship and the translation of primary texts and documents. His documentary history, Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire: Al-Saidi's Ta'rikh al-Sudan Down to 1613 and Other Contemporary Documents, won the 2001 African Studies Association Text Prize.

Awards of varying amounts are given annually to Northwestern University graduate students and faculty to pursue their research on a topic related to Islam in Africa. Awards may be used for the following purposes:

Application instructions: Applications are received on a rolling basis. Applications must include a 2-3 page (single-spaced) proposal detailing your research, conference participation, or proposal for a visiting speaker. A detailed budget must also be submitted along with a CV. Please send applications to

Event Co-sponsorship

The award provides a co-sponsorship of an event such as a guest speaker, conference, symposium, etc. on subjects related to Africa for up to $500. The event must be organized by Northwestern departments, programs, centers, or student groups.

Application instructions: Applications are received on a rolling basis. Applications must include a 1 page proposal detailing your event (conference, symposium, speaker, etc). A detailed budget must also be submitted. Please visit Fluid Review to submit and application.