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Minor in African Studies

The Minor in African Studies is for students interested in the study of African societies, cultures, histories, religions, and arts across disciplines and in the professions. Undergraduates in any of Northwestern’s academic departments and professional schools can minor in African Studies by merging a core of Africa-content courses with their major program(s) of study. Students are welcome to participate formally or informally in the activities of PAS, which are intended to advance the training of Africa specialists at Northwestern and promote awareness of African realities in a broader context.

Requirements for the Minor

Students are required to take six courses with Africa content from at least two departments. Only one of the six courses may be double-counted toward a student’s major. Two of the six courses must be from the three quarter sequence of History 255: Background to African Civilization and Culture. The third required course is Anthropology 255: Contemporary African Worlds.

A minimum overall B average is required in these courses. Courses taken as P/N are not counted toward the minor.

Students wishing to apply for the minor must complete a Declaration of Minor form with PAS no later than April of the year they wish to graduate. Students must also complete a Minor Application form. Both forms can be acquired at PAS.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the Program of African Studies at or 847-491-7323. 

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