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Graduate Students

New Grad Students


Uchechukwu Oguchi (History)

Umar Yandaki (History)

Returning Graduate Students

Semiu Adegbenle (History)

Andrea Adomako (African American Studies)

Yemi Ajisebutu (Comparative Literary Studies)

Brandon Alston (Sociology)

Xena Amro (Comparative Literary Studies)

Sasha Artamonova (Art History)

Fullamusu Kadija Bangura (English)

Tarek Adam Benchouia (Performance Studies)

Eddine Nabil Bouyahi (Political Science)

Alison Ann Boyd (Art History)

Rashayla Marie Brown (Performance Studies)

Austin Bryan (Anthropology)

Issrar Chamekh (Political Science)

Raja Ben Hammed Dorval (French)

Sarah Dwider (Art History)

Mitchell Edwards (History)

Fortunate Kelechi Ekwuruke (Human Development and Social Policy)

Claudia Garcia-Rojas (African American Studies)

Nora Gavin-Smyth (Plant Biology and Conservation)

Esther Ginestet (History)                                           

Melina Gooray (Art History)

Olabanke Goriola (Performance Studies)

Brandon Greenhouse (Theater)

Rachel Grimm (French and Italian)

Charina Herrera (African American Studies)

Bethany Hill (Art History)

Emily Kamm (History)

Lamin Keita (Political Science)

Emma Kennedy (Art History)

Emmanuel Elikplim Kuto (Anthropology)

Behailu Shiferaw Mihirete (Communication Studies)

  • Behailu Shiferaw Mihirete joins the Department of Communication Studies. He has 14 years of experience in media and communications in Ethiopia and East Africa. Most recently, Behailu had a work placement at the BBC Media Action, London, during which time he contributed to the feasibility study for the International Fund for Public Interest Media and worked on PRIMED project development. While in the UK, he was also a Chevening Scholar studying politics and communication at the London School of Economics. Before that, Behailu worked in Ethiopia as a Voices from the Field/Communications specialist for WaterAid, focused on producing strategic media content for the organization’s international fundraising and advocacy purposes. He also led communication for nonprofits training in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, and the UK and worked for the Children’s Radio Foundation and UNICEF.

Michell Miller (Performance Studies)

Noran Mohamed (French and Italian)

Shelby Mohrs (Anthropology)

Natalia Molebatsi (Performance Studies)

Sarah Moore (Political Science)

Christopher Muhoozi (Performance Studies)

Jesús Muñoz (Comparative Literary Studies)

Moritz Nagel (History)

Teddy Nakate (Religious Studies)

Ewurama Okai (Sociology)

William Richardson (Sociology)

Rebecca Rwakabukoza (History)

  • Rebecca Rwakabukoza is studying the history of reproductive health practice in Western Uganda. She is part of the research team of Wulira! a podcast that re-members women’s contribution, experiences, and scholarship in the Uganda story.

Raven Schwam-Curtis (African American Studies)

Dilpreet Singh (Dil Singh Basanti) (Archaeology/Anthropology)

Craig Stevens (Anthropology)

Rory Sykes (Art History)

Angela Tate (History)

Marquis Taylor (History)

Elijah Watson (Anthropology)

Maximilian Weylandt (Political Science)

Aaron Wilford (History)

Sreddy Yen (English)

Recent PhDs

  • Chernoh Bah, “Resolving an Empire Problem: Public Health, Convict Labor, and the Revenue Crisis in Colonial Sierra Leone, 1914 -1944,” History. Advisors: Sean Hanretta and Helen Tilley.

  • Colin Bos, “Conservators of the World: Sacred Objects, Archaeology, and the State in Southwestern Nigeria,” History. Advisor: Helen Tilley.
  • Bright Gyamfi, “Dreaming of Pan-African Unity: Nkrumahist Scholars and the Global Development of African Diaspora Studies,” History. Advisor: Sean Hanretta.
  • Dela Kuma, "Legitimate" Trade: Local Taste Practices & Consumer Power in Southeastern Ghana, Amedeka (19th to early 20th C A.D), Anthropology. Advisor: Amanda Logan.
  • Salih Noor, “The Legacies of Liberation: Anti-Colonial Struggles, Critical Junctures, and Political Development in Southern Africa,” Political Science. Advisor: Will Reno.
  • Moussa Seck, “The Making of the Stranger in the Francophone Migration Novel,” French and Francophone Studies. Advisor: Nasrin Qader.
  • Gorgui Ibrahima Tall. “The Mechanisms of Cultural Production in the Postcolony: Plurality, Relationality, and (Auto)-Translation in the Senegalese Novel.” French and Francophone Studies. Advisor: Nasrin Qader.


  • Grace Deveney - “News, Weather, and Sports: Televisual Tactics and Black Art, 1970–1995,” PhD, 2022. Art history. Advisor: Krista A. Thompson.
  • Andrea Daniel Rosengarten - “Remapping Namaqualand: Negotiating Ethnicity and Territoriality in a Southern African Borderland,” PhD, History, 2022. Advisor: Jonathan Glassman.
  • Antwan Byrd - "Interferences: Sound, Technology, and the Politics of Listening in Afro-Atlantic Art. PhD, Art history, 2022. Advisor: Krista A. Thompson.
  • Christa Kuntzelman - "Refugees’ Understanding of  Rights and Governance Structures: A Study of Urban Refugees in Uganda,” Political Science, 2022. Advisor: Wnndy Pearlman.
  • Caitlin Cooke Monroe - “Making History: Women’s Knowledge and the Creation of a Historical Discipline in Western Uganda,” PhD, History, 2022. Advisor: Jonathan Glassman.
  • Vanessa Watters Opalo - “Credit Worthy: Pentecostal Finance in West Africa,” PhD, Anthropology, 2022. Advisor: Robert Launay.
  •  Patrick Mbullo Owuor - “Dams and Displacement: Biosocial Impacts of the Thwako Multipurpose Dam Construction among Women in Makueni County, Kenya,” PhD, Anthropology, 2022. Advisor: Sera Young.
  • Perrin, Ayodeji Kamau - “LGBTQ Human RightsMmobilizations in Domestic and International Courts: A Transnational Perspective on the Judicialized Decriminalization of Homosexual Sex .PhD, Sociology, 2022. Advisor: Karen Alter.
  • Ashley Ngozi Agbasoga - "We Dance with Existence: Black-Indigenous Placemaking in the Land Known as México and Beyond." Anthropology. 2022. Advisor: Adia Benton.
  • David Peyton -"Property Security in the Midst of Insecurity: Wealth, Defense, Violence, and Institutinal Statsis in the Democratic Republish of Congo,” Political Science, 2021. Advisor: Will Reno.
  • Khoury, Rana 2021 -  “Aid and Activism across the Syrian Warscapte,” Political Science, 2021. Advisor: Will Reno.
  • Mlondolozi Bradley Zondi - “Unmournable Void: Tending-Toward the Black Dead and Dying in Contemporary Black Performance and Visual Art,” PhD, Performance Studies, 2020. Advisor: Huey G. Copeland.
  • Boutros, Magda - “The True Color of Police Violence: How Activists Expose Racialized Policing in Colorblind France.” Sociology, 2020. Advisor: John Hagan.
  • Mohwanah Fetus - “Geographies of Memory and Pleasure in African American and Caribbean Literatures,” English, 2020. Advisor: Alexander Weheliye"
  • Maxwell Akanbi (Health Sciences) 2020 - "Impact of Antiretroviral Theraphy Eligibility Expansion on the Epidemiology of HIV-associated Kaposi Sarcoma in Nigeria"
  •  Andrew Wooyoung Kim (Anthropology) 2020 - "Biological memories of apartheid: Intergenerational effects of apartheid-based trauma on birth outcomes, stress physiology, and mental health in Soweto, South Africa," advisor: Chris Kuzawa.
  • William FitzSimons (History) 2020 - "Distributed Power: Climate Change, Elderhood, and Republicanism in the Grasslands of East Africa, c. 500 BCE to 1800 CE"
  • Rachel Mihuta Grimm (French and Francophone Studies) 2020 - "The Afterlives of Amnesia: Remembering the Algerian War of Independence in Contemporary France and Algeria, 1999–2019"
  • F. Delali Yawa Kumavie (English) 2020 - "Dreams of Flight: Literary Mapping of Black Geographies through the Air, Airplane, and Airport"
  • Marcos Leitao de Almeida (History) 2020 - "Speaking of Slavery: Slaving Strategies and Moral Imaginations in the Lower Congo (Early Times to the Late 19th Century)"
  • Corrine E Collins - “Violent Iintimacies and Queer Desires: Hegemonic Multiracialism and the Post-racial Future, PhD, .English; 2019. Advisor: Alexander G. Weheliye.
  • Scott Newman (English) | “Sound Figures in Postcolonial African Literature, 1970s to Present” | Advisors: Evan Mwangi (chair), Doris Garraway, and Nasrin Qader.
  • Sasha (Alexandra) Klyachkina -  “Reconfiguration of Sub-national Governance: Responses to Violence and State Collapse in the North Caucasus.” PhD, Political Science, 2019. Advisor: Will Reno.
  • Kritis hRajbhandari -  “Anarchival Drift and the Limits of Community in Indian Ocean Fiction,” PhD, English, 2019. Advisor: Evan Mwangi.
  • Jessica Biddlestone (History) 2019 - "France in Roman Africa: Antiquity and the Making of French Algeria and Tunisia"
  • Will Caldwell (Religious Studies) 2019 - "The Fugitive Islamicate: African Muslims and Black Radicalism across the Atlantic (1492-1925)"
  • Corrine Collins (English) 2019 - "Violent Intimacies and Queer Desires: Hegemonic Multiracialism and the Post-Racial Future"
  • Buddhika Jayamaha (Political Science) 2019 - "Combatants Inside and Out"
  • Sasha (Alexandra) Klyachkina (Political Science) 219 - "Reconfiguration of Sub-National Governance: Responses to Violence and State Collapse in the North Caucasus"
  • Sean Lee (Political Science) 2019 - "Minorities in Times of Conflict: Civil War in Lebanon and Syria"
  • Arturo Marquez, Jr. (Anthropology) 2019 - "Morality at the Margins: Senegalese 'Parallel Worlds' in Barcelona, Spain"
  • Mbongeri Mtshali (Performance Studies) 2019 - "Infidel(itie)s of Colour: Unruly Black Bodies, Modernity and Performance in Post-Apartheid South Africa"
  • Tyrone S. Palmer (African American Studies) 2019 - "(Anti-)Blackness and the Grammars of Affect"
  • Jessica Pouchet (Anthropology) 2019 - "Conservation and Conversation: Language and Political Ideology in a Tanzanian Forest"
  • Kritish Rajbhandari (Comparative Literary Studies) 2019 - "Anarchival Drift and the Limits of Community in Indian Ocean Fiction"
  • Susanna Sacks (English) 2019 - "Viral Verses: Poetic Movements and Social Media in Southeastern Africa"
  • Amy Swanson (Theatre and Drama) 2019 - "(Il)legible Bodies: Gender, Sexuality, and Contemporary Dance in Senegal"
  • Marco Bocchese (Political Science) 2018 - "Justice Cooperatives: Explaining State Attitudes toward the International Criminal Court"
  • Matthew Brauer (French and Italian) 2018 - "Text and Territory in the Maghrebi Novel"
  • Chad Infante (English) 2018 - "Cool Fratricide: Murder and Metaphysics in Black and Indigenous U.S. Literature"
  • Raevin Jimenez (History) 2018 - "Rites of Reproduction: Tradition, Political Ethics, Gender, and Generation among Nguni-Speakers of Southern Africa, 8th-19th Century CE"
  • Jahara (Franky) Matisek (Political Science) 2018 - "The Development of Strong Militaries in Africa: The Role of History and Institutions"
  • Jessica Neushwander (French and Italian) 2018 - "Rereading Fascism: War, Anti-colonialism, and the Crisis of National Identity in Early 20th Century Far-Right French Literature and Thought"
  • Kimberly Seibel (Anthropology) 2018 -"Unsettling Age: Constructions of Later Life and Support in US Resettlement Bureaucracy"
  • Leila Tayeb (Performance Studies) 2018 - "Some Upheavals: Music in Libya, 2011-17"
  • Rachel Taylor (History) 2018 - "Crafting Cosmopolitanism: Nyamwezi Male Labor, Acquisition, and Honor, c.1750-1914"
  • Priscilla Adipa (Sociology) 2017 - "Engaging Spaces, Engaged Audiences: The Socio-Spatial Context of Cultural Experiences in Art Galleries and Art Museums"
  • Abdeta Beyene (Political Science) 2017 - "Sovereignty Preservation Attenuating it Elsewhere: The Political and Security Dimensions of Buffer Zones"
  • Emma Chubb (Art History) 2017 - "Migration Forms: Contemporary Art in and out of Morocco, 1999-2012"
  • Sakhile Matlhare (Sociology) 2017 - "'Africanness' as a Professional Trading Chip: Contemporary African Artists as Producers and Secondary Arbiters in the Gatekeeping Process"
  • Rachel Sweet (Political Science) 2017 - "State-Rebel Relations during Civil War: Institutional Change behind Frontlines"
  • Marlous van Waijenburg (History) 2017 - "Financing the Colonial African State: Forced Labor and Fiscal Capacity"