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Graduate Students

New Grad Students


Semiu Adegbenle (History)

Fortunate Kelechi Ekwuruke (Human Development and Social Policy)

Emily Kamm (History)

Emmanuel Elikplim Kuto (Anthropology)

Behailu Shiferaw Mihirete (Communication Studies)

  • Behailu Shiferaw Mihirete joins the Department of Communication Studies. He has 14 years of experience in media and communications in Ethiopia and East Africa. Most recently, Behailu had a work placement at the BBC Media Action, London, during which time he contributed to the feasibility study for the International Fund for Public Interest Media and worked on PRIMED project development. While in the UK, he was also a Chevening Scholar studying politics and communication at the London School of Economics. Before that, Behailu worked in Ethiopia as a Voices from the Field/Communications specialist for WaterAid, focused on producing strategic media content for the organization’s international fundraising and advocacy purposes. He also led communication for nonprofits training in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, and the UK and worked for the Children’s Radio Foundation and UNICEF.

Marquis Taylor (History)

Returning Graduate Students

Andrea Adomako (African American Studies)

Yemi Ajisebutu (Comparative Literary Studies)

Brandon Alston (Sociology)

Xena Amro (Comparative Literary Studies)

Michael Angland (Anthropology)

Sasha Artamonova (Art History)

Chernoh Bah (History)                                           

Fullamusu Kadija Bangura (English)

Tarek Adam Benchouia (Performance Studies)

Colin Bos (History)

Eddine Nabil Bouyahi (Political Science)

Alison Ann Boyd (Art History)

Rashayla Marie Brown (Performance Studies)

Austin Bryan (Anthropology)

Issrar Chamekh (Political Science)

Raja Ben Hammed Dorval (French)

Sarah Dwider (Art History)

Mitchell Edwards (History)

Claudia Garcia-Rojas (African American Studies)

Nora Gavin-Smyth (Plant Biology and Conservation)

Esther Ginestet (History)                                           

Melina Gooray (Art History)

Olabanke Goriola (Performance Studies)

Brandon Greenhouse (Theater)

Rachel Grimm (French and Italian)

Bright Gyamfi (History)                           

Charina Herrera (African American Studies)

Bethany Hill (Art History)

Emily Kamm (History)

Lamin Keita (Political Science)

Emma Kennedy (Art History)

Andrew Kim (Anthropology)

Geraud Letang (Political Science; visiting scholar from Sciences-Po, Paris)

Michell Miller (Performance Studies)

Noran Mohamed (French and Italian)

Shelby Mohrs (Anthropology)

Natalia Molebatsi (Performance Studies)

Christopher Muhoozi (Performance Studies)

Jesús Muñoz (Comparative Literary Studies)

Moritz Nagel (History)

Teddy Nakate (Religious Studies)

Scott Peter Newman (English/Comparative Literary Studies)

Salih Noor (Political Science)

Ewurama Okai (Sociology)

William Richardson (Sociology)

Rebecca Rwakabukoza (History)

Raven Schwam-Curtis (African American Studies)

Moussa Seck (French and Italian)

Kimberly Seibel (Anthropology)

Dilpreet Singh (Dil Singh Basanti) (Archaeology/Anthropology)

Craig Stevens (Anthropology)

Rory Sykes (Art History)

Gorgui Ibrahima Tall (French and Italian)

Angela Tate (History)

Elijah Watson (Anthropology)

Maximilian Weylandt (Political Science)

Aaron Wilford (History)

Sreddy Yen (English)

Recent PhDs

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